The Safety of Chiropractic During Pregnancy: 

One Chiropractor's Perspective

by Dr. Jason Lindekugel, D.C. 

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Note: This special guest column is being written by Dr. Jason Lindekugel, a chiropractor experienced in working with pregnant women and trained in the Webster Technique.  




Recently, a woman called my office distressed about pain in her front pelvic area that was so intense she could hardly get any sleep or walk without discomfort.  She was in her 42nd  week of  pregnancy and was told by her midwife to get to my office as soon as she could.  I told her to come on down and we would add her to the end of the day.  I could hear the relief in her voice when I told her we could help her.

When she arrived, I could see that she was a little hesitant and had many questions about safety of chiropractic during pregnancy. After addressing her concerns and explaining the techniques we would use to help her, you could see her stress fall away and in its place, an eagerness to begin.  In 15 minutes she was pain free.  The next day she gave birth to a healthy new baby girl.  No pubic bone pain, and no complications.


What Does Chiropractic Care Do

Chiropractic should be utilized in all stages of pregnancy.  It is inexpensive, drug free, effective and the safest procedure that can be performed for an expectant mother.  My reason for writing this article is to explain the methods used by chiropractors and the safety of these procedures so that more women will not have to needlessly suffer during what should be a wonderful part of their lives.

Chiropractic manipulation seeks to balance the joints of the body in order to normalize nerve function.  This latter part is often overlooked when explaining chiropractic.  In restoring joint function, chiropractors are relieving nerve irritation which in turn relaxes muscles and the ligaments of the pelvis and uterus.  So, proper nerve function is the goal, not just “cracking” joints.  

When the joints are happy, the patient can expect decreased pain in the area treated.  Also, when the nerves are happy, life returns to the area, creating a sense of well being and improved health.  It is not a normal state of the body to have joints malpositioned.  In fact, in my experience, it is a major cause of breech presentation and pain for mom.  This is why I recommend women have chiropractic examinations during pregnancy.


Chiropractic and Safety in Pregnancy

It is difficult to discuss exact numbers when it comes to safety of chiropractic and the pregnant patient.  This is due more to the lack of adverse reactions than to lack of use.  Pregnant women are receiving chiropractic care every day, yet there are no reports of adverse reactions in the literature.  This is also why chiropractor’s malpractice insurance is the lowest of any physicians', because it is extremely safe.

Since there is plenty of literature on the safety of chiropractic manipulation in general, some things can be generalized from these populations to the population of the pregnant patient.  We can then add precautions that should be considered for the pregnant population.

Studies show chiropractic manipulation to be many times safer than taking Advil and other over-the-counter medications.  Precautions for the pregnant patient include the need for special technique to allow for baby and mother comfort.  This includes the use of a pregnancy pillow specially designed for the expectant mother and side posture adjusting.  Due to the special hormone profile of the pregnant patient that causes a decreased tone in the ligaments of her body, less force is often needed for manipulations.  Taking a detailed health history will reveal any other precautions that should be observed.

Many women feel that the weight they gain during pregnancy is the cause of their pain.  This is simply not true.  The stigma is even worse for many plus-sized females.  There is no difference in the procedures used for plus-sized women, and the results are the same; decreased pain and better quality of life.  If you are having any pain during your pregnancy, see your physician AND your chiropractor.


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