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This website contains four FAQs on plus-sized maternity clothes and products.  These include information on:

This particular FAQ contains information about maternity clothing in plus sizes (16+) for large women in the U.S. Please note that this website is NOT a commercial website and does not sell any of these products.  Kmom does not make any money off of these products, and does not receive any kind of a 'kickback' by listing these companies on her site.  Listings here are for information only.  

These FAQs were originally compiled from the Clothing for Big Folks in the US FAQ and from recommendations suggested by posters to various newsgroups and mailing lists (click here for more details). Opinions of companies are from contributors; my comments are in {brackets}. The information sections are mine, but are not intended to be medical advice. If you have any companies you would like to see added to these lists, please email me with the information. 

This FAQ is now updated about once per year, sometimes twice if there are a lot of changes needed.  If you have emailed me changes or updates for the FAQ, keep in mind that it may take a while to see them in the FAQ.  I spend most of my limited computer time researching and writing the other areas of this website; to keep this part of the job manageable I limit my updates to once or twice a year.   Thank you for your understanding.

Take note that I have not confirmed the names and numbers of all companies; nor can I speak to the quality of any of them--Caveat Emptor! Keep in mind also that many of these are small cottage industries or online businesses, and these tend to go in and out of business or change contact information frequently. For that reason, you may find that some of this information is already incorrect by the time you read it. 

Maintaining this FAQ is a big job; I depend on the help of others to streamline the amount of work involved. If you find any errors, have updates on contact information, have feedback on the companies, or just have suggestions for improving the FAQ, please let me know. 

Good luck in your pregnancy, and good health to you and your baby!   ------------ 


Handling Plus-Sized Maternity Clothing Decisions

Note: Contains many personal opinions, written from personal experience. Other people's experiences may be different. Your Mileage May Vary!

Do I really need specialty maternity clothes?

The first question is whether you'll NEED special maternity wear. Many large women need it--but not all do! Large women as a group tend to gain less weight in pregnancy and show less; this means that sometimes we can 'get by' in our regular clothes or by buying clothing a size or two larger than normal. Some choose to get along without any special maternity wear in pregnancy in order to save money; others have been forced to 'get by' without it in the past because of a lack of resources in this area. 

Large women who need to have special maternity clothing (and those who simply want it) should of course be able to find companies that carry quality items in their size. Clothing manufacturers are beginning to understand this now but the situation is still not ideal. Right now, the best idea is probably to combine regular clothing in larger sizes for early and mid-pregnancy, with a few true maternity things for the final months. Take a wait and see approach until you know what your needs will be.

Wearing regular clothes in slightly bigger sizes tends to work best for women who are around a size 24 or larger at the beginning of the pregnancy, as they tend not to gain much weight or size. Women who are size 16 - 22 are more likely to need the special fit of maternity clothes earlier and more extensively, as they gain weight and size more like average-sized women. Body type can also make a difference, with "apple" body types tending to need the special fit of maternity clothes more than "pears" or "hourglasses". Of course, your experience may differ! But generally speaking, if you are a size 16-22, you should probably plan on buying a fair amount of maternity wear. If you are a size 24 or above, you have the choice of buying maternity wear or regular clothes in larger sizes, or combining the two approaches.


Where To Find Maternity Specialty Clothes in Plus Sizes

If you do order specialty maternity wear, it is usually recommended that you order it in your pre-pregnancy size. Good places to start a search for maternity wear include 

There are a few consignment stores that have 'pre-loved' maternity clothing in larger sizes.  These are invaluable if you need to trim costs but still get specialty maternity clothing. These stores include Baby and Me Consignments, Maternity Treasures, and The Fairy Godmother at Large (see below for contact information). These companies generally encourage re-consigning the clothing after you are done with it, providing it is still in excellent condition. Although choice can be limited and arrangements can be a hassle, consignments can be a very economical way of handling specialty maternity wear.

The OMOM mailing list maintains a swap board for pre-owned maternity clothing (see below), and Mother's Nature ( has in the past offered an auction site for used baby, breastfeeding, and maternity products, with many bargains available. Many times, Ebay has plus-sized maternity items for sale as well. The Maternity Closet ( has plus-sized maternity clothes for rent instead of outright purchase. Or, if you sew, you can adapt some of the patterns from Elizabeth Lee Patterns ( or the other pattern companies listed below. These are other ways in which you can stretch your maternity wear dollar.

For information on finding nursing bras, nursing clothing, and other maternity-related products such as nursing pillows and baby carriers in larger sizes, see the related FAQs on this website.


Making Do With Regular Clothes If Needed

Many large women have gone through a pregnancy without special maternity clothing, so you may want to consider not buying much, especially if money is an issue. Maternity specialty clothing is notoriously overpriced, and consignment stores can be a hassle. Getting regular clothes in larger sizes is often a better choice than buying maternity specialty clothes. Although most large women want to have maternity wear to declare to the world that they are pregnant, it is not a true necessity for many (or not till the last month or two), so you can certainly save money by avoiding buying much maternity wear or by combining regular clothing with a few selections of specialty maternity wear.

If this is the route you choose, there are many choices for casual wear. Knit leggings, elastic-waist pants, drawstring pants, and sweats 1-2 sizes larger than you normally wear are especially comfortable and useful. Waist gain in pregnancy may average somewhere around 10-15 inches or so, making elastic or drawstring pants nice options since they expand with you. You'll also probably feel best with soft, unconstraining fabrics against your skin. Think cotton. Knit or cotton jersey pants and leggings are an excellent choice for pregnancy.

Large, loose tops often work up till the last month or two, and "baby doll" or "trapeze" style tops that are a size or two big will probably get you through the last month. Although not specifically maternity companies, Lane Bryant and Roamans almost always have a couple of "babydoll" or "trapeze" style tops in their catalogue every season; these are basically similar to pregnancy tops and a workable choice for the last month or so of pregnancy. They also carry knit pants and leggings up to size 4-5x and usually have at least one 'swim dress' each summer that would work for maternity too. However, the quality of the company and its service sometimes lacks greatly (see below). 

Other companies that have regular plus-size clothing like leggings and big shirts that might work for maternity include Junonia ( ), Making It Big ( ), Just My Size ( or ), Plus Woman ( ) and Ulla Popken ( ).

For sleep wear or exercising, try t-shirts in men's large sizes. These usually tend to be cut extra-wide in the belly, come in a greater variety of colors and less 'fussy' styles than maternity tees, are 100% cotton, and are significantly cheaper than in maternity stores. Junonia (  specializes in plus-size exercise wear; it is of excellent quality but pricey. Many of the above companies also carry fairly cheap t-shirts and casual tops that could also be used for sleeping or exercising, and Laughing Sisters (see below) makes beautiful high-quality nightgowns that they will adapt for you for maternity and nursing.  Motherhood Maternity also carries maternity nightwear and some exercise-wear in plus-sizes.

For swimsuits, and carry nice maternity swimsuits in plus sizes.  

Coats are harder; a few choices are available from Baby Becoming ( ). Warmer climates can usually make do with sweaters, but for heavier coats, try a poncho, swing or cape style or borrow a larger-size coat. Plus Woman ( ) also has coats in loose styles up to quite large sizes.

Career wear and dressy clothing tend to be much harder to handle than casual wear. Specialty maternity options are often limited, though some selections are available through about size 22/24, occasionally to size 26 (see and Motherhood Maternity carries some careerwear separates.  In regular plus-size clothing, loose fitting empire-waist dresses/jumpers (topped with an unbuttoned large blazer or swing jacket if you need a more professional look) are very versatile and can be used again after pregnancy. 

Maternity hose is hard to find in plus sizes, but Just My Size ( or and Plus Woman ( ) carries regular pantyhose to size 7x or so, and this usually works fine even for pregnant women. 

Maternity business suits in plus sizes are quite unusual, but Pickles and Ice Cream ( ), and Maternal Instinct ( ) have a few things, and Plus Woman also makes some very nice blazers and suits that could be used for pregnancy (especially since they make items to order). Full Figure Designs (see below) also reportedly has business suits for women in supersizes to 36W; these may be adaptable in some cases for maternity. 

Very formal clothing such as maternity evening gowns are extremely hard to find in plus sizes (Maternal Instinct and Motherhood maternity have a few), but there are several non-maternity companies such as Peggy Lutz, Myles Ahead, and Sandie's Boutique included in the FAQ that specialize in very upscale clothing; some of their styles might work for maternity for women who absolutely had to have very dressy options, and they tend to go into supersizes so you could buy larger as needed. However, be prepared to pay handsomely for any of these products. (Special Note: Sandie's Boutique also carries gently used clothing up through supersizes, and often has some very nice, affordable used gowns available.)  

Slinky knits are a relatively new option that look very dressy but often work well for maternity (and can be worn afterwards too!).  The material is shiny but expandable, the colors usually are very rich and beautiful, and a slinky knit top can be combined with a non-slinky bottom for a more formal look without spending an arm and a leg.  Just add a beautiful shawl or fancy jewelry and you have dress up or eveningwear without bankruptcy.  Kmom highly recommends looking into Slinky Knits if you have a formal or dressy occasion to dress for!  Many regular plus-size clothing shops like Catherine's or specialty boutiques like Magical Creations often carry Slinky Knits and they DO work for post-pregnancy outfits too. 

Women who wear supersizes or close (28/30+) often need to improvise more than those who wear traditional plus sizes (16-24). Very little maternity or nursing wear is made for women in super sizes; if manufacturers can barely believe that mid-sized large women have sex and get pregnant, they certainly don't believe that supersized ones do! So while maternity wear in mid-sizes is not easy to find but can be had, it's even harder to find in supersizes.  The welcome exceptions that do carry  clothing above 3x (size 24) include Jake and Me,, Pickles and Ice Cream,, and Baby Becoming,, which carries maternity clothing to 6x. 

Fortunately, supersized women do not generally change as markedly in size and dimensions in pregnancy, and most can wear their normal clothing for most of the pregnancy. Getting a few options in jumpers, empire-waist dresses, and trapeze or 'baby doll' shirts to cover the very end of pregnancy when larger clothing might be needed is often all that's necessary, though frankly these women should not have to 'get by' in this way.

Tall women who need plus sizes also generally have a very difficult time finding pregnancy clothes. Many companies carry Talls, but their sizes usually end at about 16/18.  Finding fashions that are plus-sized and tall in sizes above 20 is not easy. Jake and Me Clothing Company ( ) is your best bet; they carry talls in sizes up to 4x in most items. Their clothing is made to order, so you can get exactly what you need.  Plus Woman ( ) also makes (non-maternity) clothing to size, often including different proportioning and lengths, so this is another option for tall and large women, though a spendy one.

Because the selection of maternity clothing and even regular clothing above a size 24 is so hard to find, Kmom has included a number of companies that specialize in supersizes in the FAQ. Although none of these carry maternity clothes, many of their designs would work well anyhow, and a few items up one size from normal is probably enough to get by in the last awkward-sized month. Good companies that serve the supersize market (30W+) include Full Figure Design (see below), Plus Woman ( ), Ulla Popken (, Making It Big (, Myles Ahead (, Sandie's Boutique (, Big on Batik ( and Love Your Peaches ( ). 


How much weight can I expect to gain?

Larger size women, as a group, generally tend to gain less weight in pregnancy than average-sized women (barring complications), though there are no guarantees for any individual woman. Doctors generally recommend a gain of about 15 pounds if you are large, but the gain often seems to go down as size goes up. Some large women gain less or more than this yet have healthy pregnancies and babies, but of course it is important to consult with your medical practitioner regarding nutrition and the adequacy of your own pregnancy weight gain patterns. Dieting is absolutely to be avoided during pregnancy.

As a loose guideline, women size 18-22 tend to gain 15-25 lbs. in a pregnancy; women on the lower side of this range tend to gain closer to 25 while women on the higher side of this range tend to gain closer to 15. Women size 24-28+ tend to gain very little in a pregnancy, i.e. 5-15 lbs., or may not gain weight at all. Occasionally some women, generally supersized, actually have a net loss during pregnancy, and yet still have healthy babies. Few pregnancy books mention that many large women actually gain less than the recommended 15 lbs. and that this can be perfectly normal; however, this is not a goal to aim for. If it happens even though a woman is eating extremely healthfully and well, with adequate caloric intake, then it is not necessarily something to panic over, but one should never approach a pregnancy with the idea of gaining no weight or losing some. The point is not how much you gain (or don't), the point is how healthily you eat.

On the other hand, there are some large women who gain more than 15-25 pounds; sometimes this can be due to complications like pre-eclampsia or polyhydramnios, where fluid retention can be a problem. Women who diet or lose a lot of weight before pregnancy also tend to have large pregnancy gains, since they are combining their body's diet regain phase with the fat storage phase normal to pregnancy anyhow. And of course, some women view pregnancy as an excuse to 'eat for two' and overindulge. Large gains are generally thought to be bad for mother and baby, but there are certainly also women who gain more than the recommended 15-25 pounds, despite eating very nutritiously and carefully, and who do just fine. Poor nutrition has been shown to increase poor outcomes, so if a large gain is due to junk food and poor nutrition, that likely is going to cause problems. But if care is taken to eat carefully and very nutritiously, then the exact gain is not especially important. It is nutrition that counts more than a number on a scale.

Studies have shown that outcomes are best, on average, at about the 15 lb. mark, for large women as a group. However, that doesn't mean that YOU will gain in that range, or that you CANNOT have a good outcome if your gain is more or less than this. Averages are just that---AVERAGES---and do not necessarily apply to specific cases. Again, nutrition is what is most important. If you eat nutritiously, consume adequate but not excessive or restricted calories, and choose nutrition-dense foods instead of junk, your gain will probably be what is right for your body. Aim for about 15 pounds or so, but concentrate more on quality nutrition.

Note: Medical studies show that, on average, most larger women gain much less than the usual 25 pounds recommended for average-sized women, but these studies do not generally differentiate between typical weight gains of size 16 women vs. size 32 women. The number averages above were determined from a large but informal net survey of plus-sized women who had had children; they are not scientific, and they are not medical advice, but they do represent general trends seen among these women, differentiated by size. However, remember that individual results may well vary. Consult your health provider.


Maternity Underwear

Maternity/larger underwear may or may not be needed. You may wish to wait and see whether you'll need it before ordering it. "Apples" may need it more than "pears". Many larger women are able to go through their entire pregnancy without getting different underwear, difficult as that may be to believe at first. Some women can meet their needs by buying a size or two larger than normal, while others use spandex lace undies, which tend to stretch for the belly and return to its previous shape when washed. Some women opt for the bikini style undies and wear them under the belly, but most find "granny-style" or hi-cut to be their preference.

Just My Size ( or ) is a good source for cotton underwear up to size 13, Decent Exposures ( ) now makes cotton underwear for larger sizes, and many Target and Kmart stores have cotton underwear to about size 13 as well. carries maternity underwear in larger sizes, too. Plus Woman ( carries regular underwear to about size 15-16 (hip size to 70"), but they are a blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex and come in limited colors.

All-cotton underwear is very important to use if possible since pregnancy tends to increase rates of bladder and vaginal infections anyway. Since some studies show that larger women tend to have higher rates of bladder infections in pregnancy, it makes sense to take as many precautions as possible. Skip the pantyhose entirely, if possible; you'll be much more comfortable and healthier. However, maternity hose is available from the JCPenney and Baby Becoming catalogues if you must have it. Just My Size and Plus Woman, while not carrying maternity hose, do carry pantyhose to size 7x or 8x, and usually this works fine despite it not being specifically for maternity.

After delivery, some women find the post-partum panties the hospital provides not to be "one-size-fits-all." You may want to consider taking a couple of pair of old raggedy undies to use instead, and then just discard them afterwards, or use the new disposable Kotex panties, though these are not available in all sizes. If you have a c-section and you tend to wear low-riding panties, place a maxi pad across your incision to protect it from the elastic waistband of the panty, or you can temporarily use high-waisted underwear.



Large women vary greatly in their clothing needs during pregnancy. Some never need special maternity clothes while others need the special fit of maternity wear early on. It is probably smartest to wait and see what you will need, clothing-wise, until you start to increase and you can determine your needs. Then buy either in larger sizes or in maternity wear (or both) as needed. Of course, some women don't "need" maternity wear but want some anyway, which is perfectly appropriate!


Note to Clothing Manufacturers

Plus-sized women do get married, have sex, and have babies--really! 

In the past, clothing manufacturers could barely manage to make regular clothing for women of size, let alone acknowledge the need for special clothing like wedding gowns, eveningwear, or maternity clothes for us. Happily, this is beginning to change as some manufacturers begin to recognize the tremendous profit potential of the plus-sized market. If the average dress size of women in the US is a size 14, then obviously there is also a strong market out there for sizes 14 and above! More and more companies are now beginning to enter the plus-sized field, but few still address maternity needs.

As of now, what few companies carry maternity in plus sizes only cover to size 18 or maybe 22. A few go to size 24 or 26, and a couple have sizes above that, but many large women find they have to 'make do' or adapt regular clothing for a great deal of their pregnancy needs. It is possible to 'get by' without a great deal of special maternity wear (and if money is a concern women should be encouraged to explore these alternatives fully), but large women should not HAVE to be deprived of the pleasure of wearing obvious maternity tops, t-shirts with cutesy baby sayings, and elegant dressy maternity wear. We do have sex, we do get pregnant, and we DO want to show off our baby tummies, just like any other woman! When will the manufacturers take heed?

If you are a clothing manufacturer that specializes in larger sizes for maternity or otherwise, you should also consider your marketing strategies. Many large women 'make do' with non-maternity styles or poorly-made large clothing because THEY DON'T KNOW THAT ALTERNATIVES ARE OUT THERE! Plus-size clothing manufacturers should strongly consider advertising in magazines that specialize in plus-sized clientele, such as BBW magazine. Furthermore, they should reach out to the plus-sized community through the National Organization to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA; ) and other size-acceptance organizations. There are many online 'webrings' that connect websites for large-size people, and websites such as also collect links that specialize in products/clothing for larger people.

Kmom has found that some manufacturers discontinue plus-sized offerings because of disappointing sales volume, but a closer look reveals that they made no effort to market or advertise to the plus-sized community. Plus-sized women are so used to not finding their sizes in 'regular' stores (especially regular maternity stores) that after awhile, they rarely look in malls or even online. In fact, Kmom herself has repeatedly experienced rude treatment from salespeople when inquiring about size ranges in maternity stores; eventually, she quit asking and assumed that no plus sizes were to be found for maternity wear. It was only after her first pregnancy that she finally found some sources that carried larger sizes, and as a result created this FAQ. If you don't advertise to the plus-sized market, they probably won't find your product. Target your market!

And finally, treat your plus-sized customers with respect. If you advertise that you have a certain style or size in stock, be sure to have enough of it to meet demand. Many manufacturers routinely underorder in the largest sizes, and sell out quickly in sizes 22/24/26, but have many size 18s left over. Know your market; mid-sized women have many more clothing choices so can choose from many clothing store sources. Clothes in the largest sizes are generally in great demand and choices more limited, so they sell out more quickly. If you consistently find that your larger sizes go quickly, order more next time! Many retail and online companies refuse to do this, despite routinely running out of larger sizes, and it is a source of great irritation to women who buy in the largest sizes.

Another sign of respect for the plus-sized customer is to use plus-sized models in your catalogs and advertisements. It is insulting to the larger person's intelligence to show plus-sized clothing on a size 10 model. Although technically a size 12 qualifies as 'plus-sized' in the fashion world, it is insulting to use only size 12s to model clothes that are marketed to size 22 or more. Mail order companies such as Lane Bryant and Roamans have in the past justified this by stating that their research showed that big customers preferred seeing clothing on smaller-sized models, but this research is dubious and out-dated. Online newsgroups and mailing lists of women of size routinely gripe about the lack of appropriately-sized clothing models in catalogs and magazine ads, and lament that they cannot see what the clothing really looks like on a person of size. Using average-sized models to show plus-sized clothes is outmoded and insulting. Use models of a variety of sizes!

Also be sure your sales staff treats the large customer with politeness. Most larger women have had experiences similar to Kmom's, entering a store to inquire its size range but being treated rudely or with disdain. Even companies that routinely cater to larger women can be rude and inconsiderate of their clientele, taking for granted that these women have nowhere else to turn. Since more and more companies are beginning to see the potential for the large-size market, large women are going to be more and more able to pick and choose where to shop, and you'd better believe we will remember where we were treated well and where we weren't! Most average-sized people would be surprised at the rudeness commonly given larger people in many stores, and many larger people are surprised at the difference in treatment they receive if they lose weight. But we should NOT have to lose weight in order to receive decent service---money is money regardless of the size of hand that holds it.  Treat ALL customers with respect!

Excellent customer relations is a BASIC tenet of good business, regardless of the clientele. Plus-sized customers should demand excellent service too, and will remember when they get it (or when they don't!).  We will vote with our feet and with our credit cards.  Market to us and treat us with respect and we'll help make your business successful. 

Maternity Clothing Resource List

Note: Comments are from the Big Folks Clothing FAQ or the person passing along the information, with some editing by Kmom. Comments in {brackets} are from Kmom alone. Some supersize (size 30+) non-maternity clothing resources are included, for those whose needs fall outside available maternity sizes. Many of these companies, although not specifically maternity, have some designs that would work very well for maternity. Although most companies on this list are mail-order companies, a few are retail stores, included upon recommendation of contributors to this list.

Retail Stores and Mail-Order Businesses

Abracadabra - The Mom Shop

Has maternity and nursing clothing and accessories. Mostly sizes to 16-18 but a few to 22-24. 1-3X mostly in tops and pants, not dresses or career wear. Lots of nursing bras. Also has bra extenders, baby slings, breast pumps, My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow (good for plus-sizes), support belts, some sewing patterns, plus books and videos on pregnancy topics.

Amazon Designs - may be out of business? Contact info below does not seem to work?

Regular plus-and super-size clothing (some of which would be suitable for maternity) for tall women. "Great jeans", blazers, broomstick skirts, turtlenecks, coats, rainwear, and shoes. Nurse's uniforms too. Standard size chart 1-9x (to 84" hips), women 6 foot--plus! Also does custom work ($20 pattern fee), and custom embroidery.

Ample Tees

Shirts in beautiful colors, low in price, and suitable if you must make do with regular clothes.  However, she is also working on finding maternity designs to print on the blanks and on finding 'official' maternity shirts that are cut longer in front.  


General maternity clothing, mostly to size 18 but a few things to size 26. Some talls to size 18.

Astarte Woman

Upscale clothing for daytime, careerwear, and special occasions.  Available to supersizes.  

Baby and Me Consignments

Large selection of new and "pre-loved" maternity and nursing wear in great condition. Wide variety of clothing available, from professional clothing, formal wear, bathing suits, nursing nightgowns, dresses, etc. to everyday clothing. Brand-new nursing bras up to 46G. Many new items also available. Customers encouraged to re-consign after their baby's birth. Up to size 24/3x.

Baby Becoming

One of THE best places to start your search for maternity wear. Good customer service, friendly and inspirational owner--Charlotte Bradley. Mostly carries maternity wear but does carry some nursing clothing now. Has maternity jumpers, dresses, tops, pants, nightgowns, light coats, jumpsuits/overalls, swimsuit, underwear, pantyhose, support belts, nursing tops, and nursing nighties. Now has Fancee Free nursing bras. Also carries products such as a large-size baby sling, nursing pillows etc.  Quality is good.

Barb's Large and Lovely

Carries Goddess and Leading Lady bras; also BBW clothing for sizes 1X-8X.

Basic Comfort

Markets a belly bray (pregnancy support garment) to size XXL. Provides lower-back and abdominal support (and a bra) for later in pregnancy.

Basics Direct, Maternity and Nursing

Primarily an Online Catalog with a printed web page version available. Used to have plus sizes; at this time goes mostly to size 16 only.

BBW Boutique

Large and Supersize fashions.  No maternity wear but some styles that might work, and goes into supersizes.  

Becoming Mommy

"Becoming Mommy in Pittsburgh carries very nice plus size maternity clothes from Matthew Cole, Mother 2 Be and others."  Sizes up to 3x. 

BellyBand clothing expander

BellyBand is a clothing expander for pregnancy that increases the size of items in a mom-to-be's existing wardrobe. BellyBand expands from 3 1/2 to over 9 inches wide and enlarges clothes along with the expectant mothers existing wardrobe. "BellyBand works with any size because it increases clothing you already own."

Betsy and Company

Catalog $2. Up to size 3x (26/28). Sportswear and Mix and Match Separates.

Big Girl Gear

Regular women's clothing into supersizes, many of which would work for maternity.  They use different sizes than the standards usually seen, but at a guess, they carry clothes to women's size 34 (and beyond in a few styles).  

Big On Batik Clothing

No maternity wear but some styles that would work for maternity. One style in particular is very suitable for maternity (the "Swing Top") and Kmom has used it as such.  This is an excellent choice for supersized moms in late pregnancy.  Sizes 1-8x.  Uses beautiful batik material, which is a special South Pacific technique that prints designs on fabric.  Very beautiful fabrics.  Check sales section; also has reduced price items available on eBay each month.  Nice quality clothing. 

Big Stitches Swimwear

Proprietor Jan Moreno makes swimsuits to any supersize. Charlotte of Baby Becoming says she is now offering to custom-make a maternity swimsuit. Great colors, fabrics, and styles.

Bloom'n Fashion Plus-Size Maternity Jeans - Bloom-n Fashion and Baubulz

Maternity jeans available to plus sizes, 1x (16/18) to 5x (30/32), regular or tall.  Has both regular and relaxed fit legs.  "From the back, they look like regular jeans with a denim yoke and waistline.  In the front, you'll find comfort and room to grow in the stretchy cotton belly panel and elastic waistband."  Will also convert your favorite regular jeans to maternity wear for ~$30 plus shipping.

The Caftan Collection

Not a maternity store, but some styles would work for maternity. Extremely upscale designer clothes in unlimited sizes, in case you need a very special occasion outfit during pregnancy. Many hand-dyed fabrics, personalized service. "The Caftan Collection is a feast for the eye and spirit."

Cody Patrick

"Maternity career and sportswear separates; rompers, dresses and vests; tunics and slip skirts; print blouses and coordinating solid colored pants and/or skirts." Sizes 1x-3x. Important: WHOLESALE TO RETAIL STORES ONLY!!! Do NOT contact them for sales to individuals. This entry only for retail owners looking to find more plus-size lines for their stores.

Color Me Big

{No information available, just a recommendation for it by email. Presumably it carries super sizes.}

Cynthia Rae for the Well Rounded Woman

Not much information except that it carries sizes to 30/32. No maternity.

Dan Howard's Maternity Factory Outlet/Mothertime Maternity and Babywear

Lots of maternity wear in various styles, but mostly casual wear in plus-sizes. Goes mostly to XL/1X, but has occasional items in 2x or 3x. Stores in 24 states plus Canada. May be expanding the plus line more in the future. Has some tall maternity wear too, to size 16/18 or so.

Decent Exposures

Primarily makes bras that can be used for nursing (not recommended for very large-busted women---not supportive enough). See nursing bras section for more information on their bras. They also sell underwear up to size 12; t-shirts, shorts, and skirts to 4x; and wonderfully soft cotton leggings up to size 4-5X (36 or so). Although they are mostly not maternity wear, they could work for providing maternity clothing options if you order a size or two larger than normal. Can be semi-customized--you specify length, color, fabric, neckline, sleeve, and pockets/no pockets for certain items. Reportedly carries maternity underwear to size 22.  Ordering accuracy has sometimes been poor in the past, so confirm. Fabrics used are wonderful and long-wearing, as well as being extremely comfortable. Very employee- and environmentally-friendly company too.

Designs by Jonni

No information on this company except to call for brochure.

Dress 4-2

Maternity wear from 1-3x and nursing bras up to 46G.

Duet Designs

Clothing manufacturer with nice professional maternity clothing in smaller mid-sizes, up to about 16-18.


Has cotton underwire nursing bras up to 46H. Go to catalogue, then to breastfeeding corner, then to supplies. Also has huge selection of many 'natural' baby products, such as organic and natural fiber clothes, bedding and diapering products, wooden and stuffed toys, and some homeopathic remedies. Maternity and nursing clothes and slings, but not listed in plus sizes, except for maternity panties in S, M, L, 1x, 2x, and 3x. Quote from a customer: "Ginny (the owner) is well-versed in breastfeeding. She is always available with advice and suggestions for nursing bras and tops. She carries most sizes (including very large and special sizes) and will refer if she cannot provide...she does carry more and more for nursing and larger women and will do custom-runs if there is demand."

Elizabeth Lee Designs

Patterns to sew nursing clothing; some maternity. Most go up to a size 16, many to size 20, and some to sizes 22 and 24. Helpful on the phone. Also sells Fancee Free Nursing Bra (to 48J) and other smaller-sized nursing bras. Many Leading Lady bras, which is one of the better brands. Has patterns for other items as well, such as slings and nursing pillows like Boppy's and fitted cotton diapers too. Reportedly, the sizing runs generous, and they have multi-sized patterns available as well. They have started a new service making clothes to order for you, so if you don't sew, this could be a valuable option for you!

Embrace Fashion 

From one mom:  "Embrace Fashion is a maternity line by Barbara Brickner, a plus size model for the last 12 years."  However, when last checked, the website didn't permit access to the main part of the site, so it's unknown if this company is still in business or carrying this line.  


Plus-Sized and oversized t-shirts source.  Sizes to 6x, and they claim their shirts are big so you may not always need such a big size.  They would probably work for pregnancy.

Website specializing in new and used maternity resale.   If you are looking to buy things cheaply, or need to resell your old maternity clothes, this is one avenue to pursue, along with eBay or the OMOMs trading page.  


Sells hospital gowns for consumers, including some in special sizes.  They have strong Velcro closures front and back, and generally come down to about mid-calf.  Ask for the IV gowns where they snap on the arms, in case you need an IV during the birth and for ease of breastfeeding afterwards. Sizes up to at least 4x.  Prices generally run $30-40, cheaper than some of the other custom gown options on the web, and get good reviews from moms who have ordered them. 

Expecting Style - may be out of business?

Retail clothing store in Memphis, TN area. Has large-sized maternity and nursing clothes up to 3x (26/28) and sometimes 4-5x. Nursing bras to 46G. Carries the following lines in plus sizes: REBEL, Fit for Two, Matthew Cole, Cody Patrick, Japanese Weekend, Baby Becoming, Hayley Michaels, and Precious Cargo. Customers report excellent service. Also may do some maternity rentals as well; call and ask.

There is still a business online at but the addresses and such are totally different now.  A customer reported that the above store was out of business; it may be that they moved to a new place or are only online now, or it may be that another business (also from Memphis!) has co-opted the domain name.  The new information is P.O. Box 9771  Memphis, TN  38190; (901) 344-8288.  The items listed at mostly go to 3x (24/26) but may have items up to 5x available.  Call and ask.  


Not a maternity store but does specialize in custom-making clothes for supersize women. They reportedly have 'beautiful fabrics and designs', and the women who design the clothing will alter it for you in the store.  The designers are also supersized women, so they know what they are doing.  Store gets rave reviews from one of its customers!  

Fairy Godmother at Large

New and used clothing in sizes 14-super. Women's jeans up to size 60. Tee-shirts up to 72" around, big shirts up to 78" around. Panties up to size 16. Also nylon petit pants up to 6X. They also sell maternity clothes. {Some complaints have been made about service, but the problem is reportedly solved now.}  SASE for catalog.

Fashion Bug

Fashion Bug is now carrying plus-size maternity clothes in their stories to size 1x, and on their website to size 3x.   Some reasonably cute stuff and at fairly reasonable prices!  

FSA Plus Women

Regular clothes, not maternity.  Sizes to 6x or 8x, depending on the item.  Will do custom orders with a pattern fee.  

Full Bloom

Not a maternity company, but carries supersized shirts and sweats up to 12x. Owner: Janice, cottage (home) industry? Mail-order business in Denver. Call for brochure.

Full Figure Design

Retail store only, although will occasionally do mail orders reluctantly. Not maternity, but has corporate business suits up to size 36W, so if you need ultra-professional clothes that are beyond the usual maternity wear sizes, you might be able to purchase a larger size of this line as a substitute (the owner reports that women have done this before successfully). This is another option for supersized women who must dress nicely for work; "elegant and stylish skirts and blazers in silk and wool." Also sometimes has evening and bridal wear as well as a line of clothing for big men, size 1x-6x (Savvyman or FatBoyz).

Future Mom

Plus-size casual and evening maternity wear.  Special orders too.  

Gotcha Covered

Regular clothing company that sells pants, t-shirts, etc. to size 5x.  However, their sizing is much larger than the usual sizing.  

Growing Life

Run by a professional lactation consultant and RN who also has plus-sized salespeople too. Carries some plus-sized maternity clothes to 3x (tops, dresses, pants, etc.). Lots of nursingwear to 3x and is currently manufacturing their own line which will go to 4x! Nursing bras in the store to 42J; can order a nursing bra to size 50K. Also has nursing pillows, slings, breastpumps, etc., will do professional bra fittings, and has nursing classes, parenting classes, support groups, and information on parenting related issues on site.

H20 Wear

Wonderful company that makes swimwear that also go into plus sizes.  Several different styles available, including one for very well-endowed women that can have a regular bra worn under it. This has a zip-front so theoretically one could wear a nursing bra under it, throw a baby blanket over the shoulder, unzip and unfasten, and nurse a baby that way.  Also has a suit with an underwire bra built into it (for moderately-endowed women), and full-length and shorts-length bodysuit-swimsuits (unitanks) available to 2x.  Several suits (including zip-front suit) available to 3x.  An excellent company, and the zip-front suit is an excellent choice for ultra-endowed women.

Harper Greer

Retail clothing store in San Francisco area that carries casual and career clothing for sizes 14-26; apparently will do mail orders as well. One customer reports that "they design and manufacture all their clothes locally, using very high-quality fabrics; they're not cheap but they're worth it. Very friendly staff who work hard to satisfy customers; people order their clothes from all over the country." Not apparently maternity but a good option for buying regular casual and career stuff in a larger-than-usual size for maternity.

Hayley Michaels/Hayley Two

"Washable knits in career and casual looks...dresses, pantsuits, skirt sets, and separates in solid crepes and rayons, as well as an assortment of patterns." Sizes to 2x; not clear if this is maternity wear or not.

Horizon Designs (?)

Not much info except that it has maternity tee-shirts "for net-savvy moms". They come in white or black with sizes up to 3x with the slogans "" or "" on them. - "The Maternity Everything Store"

No real information, except that they carry maternity clothing in some plus sizes.


Sells "vintage Levis" in which the top portion is removed and replaced with 2 elastic sections. Good for pregnant and plus-sized women. Jeans for $49 and shorts for $29.

Jake and Me Clothing Company

100% cotton clothing, sold by an excellent and customer-friendly company. Maternity and Nursing wear for women, pants and dresses sizes 4-30, shirts to 4X.  Wide selection of choices.  Excellent choice for finding clothing for taller women; inseams can be chosen from 28 inches to 38 inches, with the options of Petite, Regulars, and Talls. In addition, carries clothing for babies to 24 months, and kids 2T-6T.  A great resource!

Japanese Weekend Inc.

Call them to find a store near you that carries their clothing. They offer maternity and nursing clothing, much of it cotton (and washable). Most items only go up to size "L", although some go to size "XXL." The order form says XXL fits current bust or hip measurement up to 46", or pre-pregnancy dress size 18-20.


Activewear clothing in larger sizes. Not maternity but some might work okay. Carries Danskin Plus, sizes 1-4x, plus many selections for exercise clothing, sports bras, shorts, bathing suits, specialty sports clothing, sometimes to 6x. The website may not carry the full line; be sure to ask for the catalogue. Clothes run large.

Just My Size

Not a maternity company, but is a good source for extra-big pantyhose and underwear that could be used during pregnancy. 100% cotton panties up to size 14, plus other lingerie. Pantyhose (to 7x), pettipants (split slips), sweatpants/shirts. Inexpensive casual clothes up to about 4X. They use large models and also disabled models. Good service. One Hanes Place is their outlet for discounted and irregular merchandise (rarely distinguishable from first-quality stuff) and would be a great way to save some money.

It's All Big

Large and supersized clothing company; some styles may work for maternity.  

Karen's Maternity

Has some plus-sized maternity clothes.  


Brand-new site for consigned clothes (mostly kids' stuff, but has a section for maternity clothing too). May have plus sizes! Check regularly, as stock will change over time.

KISS Maternity Fashions

To size 2X (26).

KSS Maternity & Kids Closeouts

Plus-size maternity pants, jeans from sizes 16-28.  Wholesales them for $5-6 each, and retails them for $10-15 each.  This is a substantial savings from most stores.  

Lady Grace Intimate Apparel

Bras (up to 52H), bustiers, panties (up to 9XL), girdles. Maternity bras. Stores on east coast of USA. Send email with your name, mailing address, daytime phone number for free catalogue.

Lane Bryant (mail order catalog, not the store)

Very similar to Roamans catalogue. No specifically maternity or nursing stuff, but always stocks a few 'trapeze', 'swing', and 'babydoll' tops/jumpers which are the same as the basic maternity design. These often work very well in the last few months and are usually cheaper than those at 'authentic' maternity shops. Other clothes up to 4-5x; many of the cotton jersey leggings/pants work well for maternity if bought up a size or two. Usually carries at least one swimsuit in the summer months that could work as a maternity swimsuit. {Product quality varies--some things are cute and up-to-date, and some are horrible polyester nightmares. Prolific catalogue mailings--beware. Poor customer service at times, and are often 'out of stock' on some things. Also, all clothing is shown on small size models which is insulting; size-acceptance activists have protested this for years but the company steadfastly ignores it, claiming customers 'want' this. However, in spite of the company's many weaknesses, it can still be a valuable maternity resource if used with discretion.} Note: Lane Bryant Stores found in malls and the mail-order company are totally separate businesses.

Laughing Sisters

Catalog $1. They make and sell 'unusually high-quality nightgowns' of their own design, similar to the full old-fashioned gowns of the past. Extremely full and graciously gathered with set-in sleeves. Sizes up to supersize, and they will custom-make gowns too. According to one customer, "Superb and glorious, well-constructed and high-quality." They also make flannel or summer weight cotton nightgowns for nursing women with two openings concealed in deep pleats in gathers at the yoke. "The owner is an amusing woman to speak with. She sells her gowns in two sizes, Small and Medium. Medium is for about 24-36+, which she said she named Medium because that's her size and it's her company. She also will custom-size as necessary."

Lingerie and More (Ann Murdock's)

Plus-sized lingerie and bra store that will do some things by mail order. Sizes 16-32, or some clothing to 8x that might work for maternity. Carries Goddess and Leading Lady bras.

Little Koala Mother and Baby Catalogue

Maternity sizes only to XXL (18/20) and nursing sizes to XL (14/16) BUT does have nursing bras to 48J and even has a sleep/leisure bra to 52G. Also carries Bravado Nursing Bras (good for smaller-chested women).

Love Your Peaches Clothing Company

Not maternity but some styles will work for maternity, especially if you need nicer career-wear options. Goes into supersizes as well. Upscale. Mail-order catalogue for "unusual, hard-to-find fabrics and style for the plus-sized woman who likes to stand out in a crowd." Also has 2 piece swimsuits, catsuits, leggings, flowing tops and jackets, body-conscious evening wear, etc. Sizes to 6x.

Made 2 Matche

Organic cotton clothing to 3x, with matching collections for the whole family.  100% organic cotton, environmentally safe, reasonably priced, made in the USA.  Also toys, bath products, and jewelry.  No specific maternity clothes but sizes to 3x. 

Magical Creations Boutique

Retail store; not maternity but has many clothes that would work as maternity, including some into the supersizes. Many classy/funky clothes. Somewhat upscale but unique/offbeat designs, many ethnic-based. Sizes 1-4x, some to 7x (most to 26W but some to 32W). Customer comment: "Great store."

Mail Order Maternity

{No information available, just an email recommendation for it.}

Making It Big

Not a maternity company but might work. Clothing into supersizes in petite, regular, and long, so might be an extra option for tall women.

Maternal Instinct

100% cotton interlock clothing, "reasonably priced." T-shirts, shorts, jeans, overalls, dressy pants, and some business suits and cocktail dresses. May have some nursing clothes. Does have some plus sized stuff, 1XL (20/22), 2XL (22/24), and 3XL (24/26). Other sources report that she is willing to custom-make clothes for plus sizes if they are not available on-hand. May consider dropping the 2x and 3x sizes.

Maternity and More

Maternity consignment store in Kansas that carries new and used maternity wear up to size 4x.

Maternity Club by Matthew Cole

Reportedly has knit separates in a variety of mix and match selections. Trapeze tops, t-shirts, and nursing tops too. Sizes 1x-3x. Matthew Cole line and Cody Patrick line are out of the same office. Important: WHOLESALE TO RETAIL STORES ONLY!!! Do NOT contact them for sales to individuals. This entry only for retail owners looking to find more plus-size lines for their stores.

Maternity For Less

Store and web business in Albany, New York.  Significant portion of the site devoted to plus size maternity clothes.  Jeans and Khakis to size 26, dresses, suits, sportswear to size 3x, and lingerie with bras to 46H.  Owner states, "I can even do personalized shopping since only a small percentage of our stock is on the web.  And.....we do it all at a 15% discount."  

Maternity Mall

Combines the 'mall' concept with online shopping for a number of the leading maternity clothing retail stores, such as Motherhood Maternity, Motherhood Nursingwear, Mimi Maternity, A Pea in the Pod, plus some children/baby stores as well. Some of the maternity stores carry some plus sizes; check the site for more details. "Online shopping 24 hours a day. 7 days a week!"

Maternity Matters

Little information except that it has plus-sized maternity clothes.

Maternity Plus

Maternity to 3x (size 26-28).  

The Maternity Shoppe

At present does not have a great deal of plus-sized maternity stuff, but "are working on bettering that area of our catalog." Check periodically to see what has been added.

Maternity Treasures.Com

Online resale maternity store.  Sizes XS to 2x, but actively seeking more plus sizes as well.  Will also eventually carry a basic line of new clothing as well as resale stuff.  

Maternity Vintage Jeans

'Authentic vintage Levi' made maternity with a cotton/lycra pouch.  Blue, Black, and shorts all available.  Custom sizing.  

Midwifery Today

Superb magazine on midwifery and birthing issues--highly recommended.  Also carries many cool pregnancy and birth-related books and products, including some beautiful t-shirts with gorgeous birth art on them.  Kmom especially likes the t-shirts called "Love and Life," "Love Touched," "Birth Is As Safe As Life Gets," and "Connected for Life."  All their shirts come in sizes up to 2XL, but you can get larger sizes upon special request.  Printed upon Hanes' "Beefy Tees".  When Kmom ordered these shirts for herself, they were $25 each but this price is no doubt subject to change due to availability and inflation.  

"Mommy's Little Helpers"

They used to carry many nursing and maternity tops in 1X and a few up to 3X, as well as nursing bras to very large sizes, but the business appears to have changed and it is unclear what they still carry clothing-wise. Call. Customer quote from before: "They are very friendly and helpful on the phone. If an item from the catalog is not available, they will go out to their sales floor and tell you what they do have that isn't in the catalog." Sizes reportedly run generous. They have now added a website with many breastfeeding and parenting links, plus many many nursing aids.

Moms To Be 

Lots of maternity clothing, now in plus sizes up to size 26 (4x), with more items to be added soon, according to their website.  Some good maternity clothing basics.  Also carries breast pumps, nursing pillows and many gift items.  Has nursing bras, but mostly Bravado nursing bras (which is not as good for well-endowed plus size moms, but okay for less endowed plus size moms).  

Mother's Nature Auctions

Website with much info for pregnant and nursing women; originally founded by a plus-size mom. In addition to nursing clothes and other items, also has an auction board where women can buy or sell used maternity or nursing clothing, some of it in plus sizes. Good way to cut corners for the budget-conscious mom!

Mother's Work Maternity Chain

A maternity chain that has reportedly bought up other stores such as Motherhood, Mother's Work, Mimi Maternite`, and Pea In The Pod. Some Motherhood depts. can be found in Lazarus Dept. Stores. Their sizes are XS: 2-4; S: 6-8; M: 10-12; L: 14-16; XL: 18-20. Not all vendors have XS or XL; some vendors also have 1X, 2X, and 3X in SELECTED styles---mostly basic items like leggings and casual tops, possibly summer shorts too. Reg. price items can be exchanged for other merchandise or store credit within 10 days. Sale items, intimate apparel, bathing suits, and special occasion wear are FINAL sales. They also carry lots of pregnancy related stuff like pantyhose, underwear, nursing pads, etc. "Our AVERAGE customer is a size 10-12 and on average, a women (sic) working in a non-professional job spends $800- $1000 on clothes. The career woman spends $1200-1500."{Wow.}

Motherhood Maternity

Emphasis on comfort in this excellent collection. T-shirts, denim shirts, jeans, knit V-necks, dresses in all lengths, swimwear, and sleepwear; some careerwear too. Sizes 1x-3x. Very cute stuff, reasonably priced. Very promising company! Another good place to buy a lot of maternity basics.

Mothertime Chain

Chain stores (also some in Cleveland area, at least one in St. Louis, Missouri). Reportedly has a decent collection of plus-sizes maternity wear (1x-3x, or 24/26), including some very nice dressy work clothes. One mom reported that she normally wears a size 24 but took a 2x-3x in these clothes. So check to see if there are any of these stores in your area--they might have something!  Also bras to 42H and maternity panties and pantyhose.  Has now connected online with the Dan Howard Maternity Chain and iVillage to become iMaternity.  

Myles Ahead

Upscale clothing in Plus Sizes and Super Sizes.  Some very nice clothing to choose from if you have a special occasion to buy for!  No maternity clothes but some styles might work for maternity.  

NAAFA Feminist SIG

They sell large-size hospital gowns (allow 4-6 weeks for delivery) into supersizes.

Natural Mothering Needs Catalogue - may be out of business

{This company may not still be in business.} Maternity clothes from a small home business in New York, but reportedly extremely well-made. Individually sewn so it takes a while from order to receipt of goods. Prices similar to other maternity catalogues; sizes in most styles to 3X. Also carries Bravado and Medela nursing bras, breastpumps, cloth diapers, etc. May have had some financial troubles so check to be sure it's still in business, but it gets great reviews from customers!

OMOM Trading and Swapping Board

OMOM is a mailing list of support for new moms who are 'overweight'. They have created a trading website where people can sell, trade, borrow, or swap old maternity/nursing clothing and equipment. Great spot to go for the budget-conscious. This URL may eventually change; if you try it and it doesn't work, further information about this may be able to be found at

Peggy Lutz

Not specifically for maternity. $3 for mail-order catalogue. Very elegant, sassy, one-of-a-kind designs, some of which would be suitable for maternity. Sizes 14-38, petite to tall. Casual, career, intimate-wear, dressy--all styles. Peggy has a history as a costumer for the theater and is willing to work with clients on things like wedding dresses and costumes. If you needed a very dressy maternity or nursing outfit for a special occasion or in a super-size, this might be one option for that.

JC Penney's Maternity Catalog

Maternity and nursing outfits up to size 3X; talls to XL. Some clothes to size 26 or 28/30 on occasion.  Maternity and Nursing Bras up to about 44DD, plus maternity panties, nightgowns, tummy support briefs, and pantyhose. Good quality, quite a wide selection of clothes. Some find their sizing tends to run a bit small. Mostly reasonable prices and nice clothes. An excellent place to start purchasing maternity clothes if you are in the mid-sizes of large. Often has discounts for internet ordering or when ordering at certain times; be sure to ask. Website available but not well-designed; call for maternity catalog if you have time before baby; it will be easier to use.  Also, many moms have reported that their Outlet Stores contain the same clothing but at much cheaper prices; sometimes half-price.  If your area has an outlet store, be sure to check there first. 

Pickles and Ice Cream

Really nice plus-sized maternity clothes for both work and play. Mostly to size 26 or 28 but a few larger things (to size 32). Also has nice maternity bathing suits, panties, pantyhose, support belts, and nursing bras to 48J. Several nice dressier career options available, such as dresses and suits. Starting to carry some nursing clothes as well. Very impressive new company! This would be an excellent place to stock up on many maternity basics.

Plus Boutique

Not maternity clothes, but reportedly some cool clothes---slightly more young and hip than your usual plus-size stuff.  Sizes mostly range from 14-26 but there are a few size 28s too.  

Plus Size

Every so often, Kmom gets a request for plus-sized bridal wear that could work for maternity.  This website has wedding dresses size 16-30, with many designer styles to choose from.  Some styles might work for maternity.

Plus Woman

Clothing to Super Sizes. No maternity per se, but a number of styles are suitable for maternity wear. In particular, the "Empire" dress is lovely and would make an excellent maternity career option; also has some loosely constructed blazers that would adapt well for a more professional maternity look. This catalogue is semi 'made-to-order'. They show the colors and fabrics available for each style, and you choose your fabric, color, length, sleeve style, and sometimes neck style and they make it to order for you. This means the prices are higher than average but the quality is very good. Nice variety available. Petite, Regular, or Long (even a few extra-long) lengths can be ordered so this may be an excellent resource for tall plus-size maternity needs. Sizes run from 1X to 9X (or up to a 90" hip), depending on item. Also has 'scrubs' for health care professionals, now up to 7x.

Professional Expectations

Small maternity shop in the Kansas City area specializing in professional, tailored business suits and clothing. Mostly has sizes up to about a 16-18, but sympathetic to the needs of larger women and is looking for more resources. Clothing is for sale, rent, or lease. Store is found at 90th and Metcalf in the Gateway 2000 Plaza.


QVC reportedly carries a small number of plus-size maternity clothes under the Mommy & Co label.  Most stuff goes up to 3x and tends to run a tad large, and it's reported to be of good quality.  Amount and selections vary from time to time, so be sure to check back frequently.

Rainbow Mama

Tie-dye t-shirts and many tie-dye baby products that advocate for breastfeeding, midwifery, natural birth, and attachment parenting.  One of the owners is a plus-sized mom herself.  They stock t-shirts to 4x and are capable of making up to 6x shirts.  Great products!

The Red Barn

No real contact information, just a rave review from a customer that reports that they have 'GREAT t-shirts'.  They are reportedly 3/$10 and go from 4x to 10x (and they run big).  

Roamans (mail-order catalogue)

Very similar to Lane Bryant catalogue. No specifically maternity or nursing stuff, but always stocks a few 'trapeze', 'swing', and 'babydoll' tops/jumpers which are the same as the basic maternity design. These often work very well in the last few months and are usually cheaper than those at 'authentic' maternity shops. Other clothes up to 4-5x; many of the cotton jersey leggings/pants work well for maternity if bought up a size or two. Usually carries at least one swimsuit in the summer months that could work as a maternity swimsuit. {Product quality varies--some things are cute and up-to-date, and some are horrible polyester nightmares. Prolific catalogue mailings--beware. Poor customer service at times, and are often 'out of stock' on some things. Also, all clothing is shown on small size models which is insulting; size-acceptance activists have protested this for years but the company steadfastly ignores it, claiming customers 'want' this. However, in spite of the company's many weaknesses, it can still be a valuable maternity resource if used with discretion.}


Upscale clothing in plus sizes and super sizes (to 8x), with emphasis on beautiful fabrics.  Not maternity but might have some styles that might work. 

Roselyn (Plus and Supersize Clothing Store)

Not maternity but does carry supersizes that might work. Retail Store (hours M-F, 10-5:30 p.m., Sat. 10-3 p.m.) but does have a mail order catalogue for $2. Carries career and casual wear in sizes 18W-36W. Also has Danskin Plus Exercise Wear, sizes 1-4x.


Plus-size and super size regular clothing, but many styles would work with maternity.  Lots of fancy dress-up options here, and it also carries Gothic style clothing as well.  0x-9x sizes.  More reasonable pricing than many supersized or dress-up options.  

Sandie's Boutique

Upscale clothing with dresses, evening wear, skirts, tops, jackets, etc. in classic designs with fun and unique fabrics.  No maternity wear but many styles would work for maternity.  Sizes into the supersizes, 1x - 8x.  Also has a section of close-out items that you can get cheaper than usual, and lots of jewelries and other accessories.  

Sassy Scrubs

All types of printed scrub wear, including maternity scrubs with sizes to 3XL.  In their sizing, XL=20/22, 2x+24/26, 3XL=28/30, and 4XL=32/34.  


Scrub sets, including maternity scrubs to 5x.  


Their Take Nine maternity line's XL fits about 18-22. May now have added sizes 1-3x (18-24) in some stores.  In the past, some customers have commented, "They are often out of stock on the large sizes." Others have reported that the Take Nine line has great maternity underwear.

The Stork's Nest

Apparently a retail store in St. Louis that does carry some plus sizes in maternity wear. Moderate to high-end career clothing to 4x, some lingerie to 6x? Extra-size items can reportedly be ordered in 5-7 days.

The Stork Shoppe

Retail maternity store in Manitowoc, WI, run by a Certified Lactation Educator and RN. Carries some plus sizes in maternity and nursing bras/clothing.

Strictly Maternity Outlet

Outlet store in Salt Lake City that reports carrying a full line of plus-size maternity wear.

Sweeter Measures

No information other than an address.

Tafford Catalog

Uniforms company, which also carries maternity scrubs and overalls to size 5x (sizes reportedly are extremely generous). One customer reports that many maternity items (like the overalls) don't look like uniforms and would work for general maternity too.

Target and Super Target

Readers now report having spotted XXL and XXXL Maternity Clothes by Liz Lange at Super Target.

Two Big Blondes Consignment Shop

Plus-size consignment shop in the Seattle area.  Sizes 16 and up.  May or may not carry maternity wear but you can check!

Ulla Popken

Not maternity but some styles (like the satin-trim tees) could easily serve for maternity purposes. A little more up-scale; good for dress-up occasions, career-wear, and nice casual. Excellent quality, superb fabrics but some of the styles are a bit strange sometimes. Sizes 12- 28/30. 

Va-Va-Va Voom Clothing and Roula's Jewelry

Plus and supersize clothing.  No maternity wear, but some styles might work.


Has a Plus-Size department and a Maternity department.  Carries regular underwear to size 14, sleepwear to size 3x, maternity bras to 40D (and reasonably priced), and one-size-fits-all maternity underwear in plus sizes.  

With Child

Maternity clothes, bathing suits, and slings, etc. Mostly now to L or XL, but it is currently working on a plus-size line for the future.

You and Me Babe

Carries maternity fashions; claims to have plus sizes but a quick survey of the website did not show any items in sizes larger than "extra-large" (probably about a size 18 or so).  


Patterns for Sewing

*{The following companies carry large-size sewing patterns, though little to no maternity stuff. They are included because they may be useful for women to make clothes a size or two larger than normal for maternity wear, or they could be adapted into maternity patterns by the sewing-literate.}

Bellamy Manufacturing (This company may be out of business)

Catalog $4. Patterns for nice career wear with skirts or pants. Maternity patterns also available. Sizes 22-62 average and tall. Can special order sizes 64-70. (Phone number given previously is incorrect; it is unknown if this street address is correct or whether this company is still in business.)


Has a full figure magazine of patterns, size 20+ (to size 34W?), "very european in style and a little more challenging to sew."

Elizabeth Lee Designs

Patterns to sew nursing clothing; some maternity. Most go up to a size 16, many to size 20, and some to sizes 22 and 24. Helpful on the phone. One pattern for Fancee Free Nursing Bra (to 48J); others are for smaller-sized nursing bras. Many Leading Lady bras, which is one of the better brands. Has patterns for other items as well, such as slings and nursing pillows like Boppy's and fitted cotton diapers too. Reportedly, the sizing runs generous, and they have multi-sized patterns available as well.

Fashion Patterns by Coni

Patterns designed for larger women, sizes XL to 6X.  Multisize patterns also available.  No maternity patterns per se but a number of patterns that might work just fine for pregnancy. "Our pattern line is developed on full-figured women of 2X and 3X women. In as much as we have used full-figured women as our models, we are able to drape the patterns and make the designs that fit the true shoulder, create necklines and armholes without gapping, and allow for more ease over the hip area...As you browse through our pattern collection, you will notice that our designs offer a full collection of blouses, dresses, vests, pants, skirts, and easy jackets as well as tailored jackets."

Nancy's Notions

One section of patterns for large women.

Plus-Size Patterns: Collection by Coni

Patterns in plus sizes, some of which may be suitable for maternity wear. $4 for catalogue. Sizes 1x-7x. Patterns range from 40-56" waists, 48-70" hips, and 44-66" busts.

Sewing For Big Folks

Very little information, just a reference for the website.

Sewing For Plus Sizes: Design, Fit, and Construction for Ample Apparel

Book by Barbara Decker (Taunton Press, 1999) which can be used as a guide to sewing 'designer clothes in any size'.  Techniques for sizing up any pattern, with an 'easy-to-read guide that will make any project easy'.  If you want to sew some maternity or nursing clothes for yourself from regular-sized patterns, this book would be an excellent investment.

Sewing Your Own Nursing Clothes

Two excellent websites with directions for making regular clothes or patterns into nursing clothes.  Also has info and instructions on adding maternity panels to skirts or pants.  

Simplicity Patterns

Simplicity reportedly has patterns in 2 lines, the BBW line and the HOAX line (for different body types). To size 32W.

Stretch and Sew Patterns

Website for Stretch and Sew Patterns, which some women really like.  They reportedly have plus-size patterns and supposedly each pattern is interchangeable, meaning that the sleeve on one will work on another, etc.  

Unique Patterns

No maternity patterns, but does custom/personalized patterns with no size limits. Uses 47 measurements to personalize patterns for you. $39.95 lifetime membership, which includes how to measure video instructions, toll-free support line, 200+ patterns to choose from (easy to advanced). If you don't sew, they'll connect you with a seamstress in your city to sew your Unique Patterns for you.


What To Do With Used Plus-Sized Maternity Clothing

When you are done having children, what should you do with your used plus-sized maternity and nursing clothing/products?  There are several options for you to consider.

First, Kmom strongly encourages women of size to consider donating all or part of their wardrobe to other plus-sized moms who need extra help affording these clothes.  Many larger women are economically disadvantaged and cannot afford to buy this kind of clothing.  They rely on donations, consignment stores, used clothing stores, or gifts from other big moms.  Unfortunately, little is donated to these resources.  Many big moms end up making do in pregnancy with little or nothing that fits right.  To donate your used maternity clothing, contact email support groups like the Big Moms list or those sponsored by and ask if anyone needs any maternity donations in your size.

Another option is to contact your local pregnancy resource hotlines and ask around your community about organizations that would like to have plus-sized maternity clothing.  Or you can donate to a national shelter through organizations like (1-800-395-HELP).  Or you can mail your clothing directly to:

If you need the money, you can sell your plus-sized maternity and nursing wear (and slings etc.) online.  Selling it through online companies like eBay usually can net you quite a bit of your investment back.  Or you can sell it through the OMOM Trading and Swapping Board, URL may eventually change; if you try it and it doesn't work, further information about this swapping board may be able to be found at  Other auction boards that may also sell plus-sized items include

However, Kmom requests that if you decide to resell your clothing and baby equipment to recoup part of your costs, please consider donating at least one or two items to other big moms in need.  There is nothing wrong with trying to make back some of your money spent on maternity clothing, but please be willing to make a small donation to help out our less-advantaged sisters.  There really is a shortage of affordable and readily available gently-used maternity etc. clothing in plus sizes.  It's up to US to help out.  


Other Size-Acceptance Resources


NAAFA (National Association for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance)

A human rights organization working very hard on social and legal fronts to make fat people's lives a bit easier. They have several mailing lists, which you can find out more about through NAAFA's website. If you are concerned about size prejudice, NAAFA wants you!

International Size Acceptance Association

Another organization working hard on size-acceptance issues.  They have a links page that connects to a number of non-maternity clothing options, often for very large sizes.  If you have trouble finding clothes in your size, you might want to check out their list of links.  


Size Wise

Collection of information and links to size-positive sites.  "Dedicated to bring you all the information you need to live your life fully---at any size."  


Lots of info and products geared towards larger women; lots of links to other size-positive sites.  


An internet newsgroup for support for large people. Dieting discussions are not part of the charter; fat-acceptance is. A number of FAQs for big-folks are posted bi-weekly here; their web site is These FAQs include general clothing resources, health FAQs, research FAQs, and general resources FAQs. An excellent resource for more information.

Another internet newsgroup about fat-acceptance, not dieting. Many topics are cross-posted with, but not all are. The Big-Folks FAQs are also cross-posted here.  The advantage here is that this is a moderated newsgroup, so some of the trolls and spammers that annoy other fat-acceptance newsgroups are screened out.  


BBW Magazine

Magazine for all sizes of large women.  Magazine back in business now after several years off the market.  The new editor is the former executive director of NAAFA, Sally Smith.  

Mailing Lists

Big Moms Mailing List

Kmom's favorite mailing list (though she likes many others too!). Devoted to the concerns of big moms everywhere. Topics include size concerns, general parenting issues, and issues unique to big moms, as well as general socializing and support. You do not need to be a mom or pregnant to join, just interested in having kids someday. Not just for moms with new babies; moms with kids of all ages (biological, adopted, or foster) are all welcome. Discussions can occasionally get vigorous; list is not moderated but posts are usually very supportive. Note: This is not a diet-free list; be sure to use clear subject headers for any discussion of dieting/non-dieting issues (see subscription info). In order to subscribe, send a message to the above email address with a body of SUBSCRIBE big_moms_list.  

Mailing Lists for Large Women and Pregnancy

Source of a large number of mailing lists on large women and pregnancy. All lists are semi-moderated and well-run. Go to for information about joining.

Other Lists for Large Moms

Fat-Acceptance Mailing Lists

To join, email the above majordomo address. In the body of your email, put only the words "subscribe fat-acceptance" (without punctuation). Most people on this list are NAAFA members, but you do not have to be a member to subscribe.

This mailing list is for the enjoyment of all people who either BBWs or who appreciate BBWs in all of their glory.  In the message of the subscription message, type only subsingle

ICAN Mailing List (International Cesarean Awareness Network)

High-volume but invaluable mailing list for women who are recovering from a c-section or trying to avoid one. Very pro-VBAC; lots of information about educating yourself about childbirth care. To subscribe, email the above address and put the word 'subscribe' (no punctuation) in the body of the message (nothing else).


About This FAQ

Some of the information in this document is drawn from the FAQ, Clothing for Big Folks in the US. This contains numerous clothing resources for large people, including ski clothes, lingerie, wedding/formal attire, shoes, costumes, exercise wear, etc. and is an invaluable resource---Kmom highly recommends checking into it! There are also a number of other related FAQs on plus-size clothing resources for the UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc. Other related FAQs include information on health questions for large people, obesity research, common questions, etc. These FAQs are posted bi-weekly to the newsgroups and They are also available at

There are other online lists of clothing resources for plus-sized people; these tend to come and go a bit and are not always reliable. However, more information is better than none, so try looking at the FAQs at:

Thanks to Sasha Wood who contributed a great deal to the fat-acceptance FAQs from which this FAQ was first drawn. Thanks also to Rebecca Smith Wadell, who maintains a number of mailing lists for large women in the process of trying to have children, and to Laura De Leon, who maintains the Big Moms mailing list. They have provided a support service that has been truly invaluable to many. Many entries to the maternity and nursing clothing FAQ have come from suggestions from these lists, and the past and present members who have helped in this way must also be thanked.

Many other people (too many to credit individually!) contributed information that appears herein via email, the fat-acceptance net groups, etc. Thanks to them all. Some entries were also drawn from resource lists put out by articles in BBW magazine and Mode magazine. Many others were found through online searches and digging by Kmom. Thanks to all who have helped contribute to this FAQ! In particular, special thanks to those who take time to email Kmom specially with contact information updates, new additions, and suggestions. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

This FAQ is updated about once a year. Suggestions for additions/improvements are always welcome. Contact Kmom with your information by emailing her at

Copyright 1996-2006 Kmom@Vireday.Com. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute the clothing section ONLY of this website, provided that this copyright notice is not removed or altered, that the clothing section is used in its entirety ONLY, that it is used for non-commercial purposes ONLY, and that it is provided for no charge. No portion of this work may be sold or published elsewhere, either by itself or as part of a larger work, without the express written permission of the author; this restriction covers all publication media, electrical, chemical, mechanical or other such as may arise over time.

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