Support Groups for Large Women and Pregnancy

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There are a number of support groups in cyberspace for large women and pregnancy/parenting. Here are a few that you may find helpful. Note that none of these are diet-free lists, so you may encounter some talk of dieting and weight loss, along with size-acceptance discussions as well.

In addition, here are some other mailing lists, websites, and resources that may be helpful to women of size, or those with special concerns. If, in your online travels, you find other groups that might be of interest, please email information about them to Kmom at


Mailing Lists For Plus-Sized Moms

Big Moms Mailing List

The oldest and biggest of these lists, and Kmom's favorite! A mailing list devoted to the concerns of big moms everywhere. Members can be thinking about parenthood, actively trying for pregnancy, struggling with fertility, already pregnant, adopting, newly postpartum, or already be moms to children of any age. It is not moderated and is a discussion list as well as a support list so sometimes disagreements over parenting issues arise; just use courtesy. 

Topics can include pregnancy concerns, infertility concerns, general health concerns, how to raise a size-accepting child, where to find clothes for 'husky' kids, size acceptance, and parenting-----or other issues that have nothing to do with size. This list has members that are pro size-acceptance as well as members who are still dieting; the list rule is courtesy and use of subject headers of 'diet' or 'size accept' for any pertinent posts. (Be sure to use clear subject headers for discussion of dieting/non-dieting issues. The group's guidelines will provide more closely.)

Mailing Lists for Large Women and Pregnancy

Source of a large number of mailing lists on large women and pregnancy. More narrowly defined subjects for large women who want more support for special concerns, like fertility etc. There tends to be much more dieting/weight loss talk on these lists. All lists are semi-moderated and well-run. Go to for information about joining.

BBW Pregnancy Support Groups

Go to and search for this support group. Moderated/run by Elisa Torres,

Big, Beautiful and Pregnant

Bulletin board for plus-size moms on


Mailing Lists for Plus-Sized People In General (non-pregnancy)

Fat-Acceptance Mailing List

Most people on this list are NAAFA members, but you do not have to be a member to subscribe. NAAFA has several size-acceptance/support mailing lists. These are in transition at this time, so check with their webpage ( ) or email for more information on joining.

Fat-Diabetics Support List

This is a group for Fat Diabetics/Hypoglycemics, but with a fat-accepting atmosphere.

Fat and Fit Mailing List

A group for people of size interested in fitness, healthy eating, and exercise but with a size-acceptance atmosphere.


Mailing Lists for Other Concerns

PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCO/PCOS/PCOD)

PCO is an umbrella name for what are probably a group of metabolic disorders with similar symptoms that can include (some or all): infertility, obesity, excess facial/body hair, insulin resistance, cystic acne, hair loss (scalp), a tendency towards Syndrome X (high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood lipids, abdominal obesity), and many others. It is caused by an excess of androgens in the bloodstream (either from the ovaries or the adrenal glands), which then cause secondary problems; insulin resistance may also be a cause or simply a result. More information can be found a wide variety of websites such as,,, and many others. There is an online newsgroup called; archives of the list can be found at

ICAN Mailing List (International Cesarean Awareness Network)

High-volume but invaluable mailing list for women who are recovering from a c-section or trying to avoid one. Very pro-VBAC; lots of information about educating yourself about childbirth care. Extensive archives on various pregnancy subjects can be found at The Midwife Archives, Other related mailing lists include the NOVBAC list (for women who cannot or choose not to plan VBACs) - go to and select 'find list' option then search on "novbac"; a list for moms who have had a c-section, are disappointed, but plan no more children and need to grieve their c/s (go to the website at ); and a list for moms planning a VBAC and absolutely avoiding a c/s (go to ).


Other Size-Acceptance Resources


NAAFA (National Association for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance)

A human rights organization working very hard on social and legal fronts to make fat people's lives a bit easier. They have several mailing lists, which you can find out more about through NAAFA's website. If you are concerned about size prejudice, NAAFA wants you!

International Size Acceptance Association

Another size-acceptance organization, working to combat size prejudice and empower people of size.  Also publishes Without Measure, an online e-zine about size-acceptance issues.  


An internet newsgroup for support for large people. Dieting discussions are not part of the charter; fat-acceptance is. A number of FAQs for big-folks are posted bi-weekly here. These FAQs include general clothing resources, health FAQs, research FAQs, and general resources FAQs. An excellent resource for more information.

Another internet newsgroup about fat-acceptance, not dieting. Many topics are cross-posted with, but not all are. The Big-Folks FAQs are also cross-posted here


Radiance Magazine

Radiance was a magazine for plus-sized women of all sizes, not just barely mid-sized people like some "plus-size" fashion magazines. It is no longer published in print but does have back issues available and some online offerings too. Chock full of ads for great clothes in all sizes, not to mention uplifting articles.   

Without Measure

An online e-zine emphasizing size acceptance issues  (kmom has been published in it!). Also has a section just for big teens, letters to the editor, etc.


Big Folks Health and Clothing FAQs

There are a number of FAQs on plus-size clothing resources for the U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Europe, Australia, etc. Be sure to check them out--they are an invaluable resource---Kmom highly recommends them! Other related FAQs include information on health questions for large people, obesity research, common questions, etc. These FAQs are posted bi-weekly to the newsgroups and, as well as always being online at the website listed above.

Fat-Friendly Health Professionals

A compilation from large people all over the US of their favorite size-friendly physicians, midwives, and other health professionals. If you wish to submit your own provider for inclusion on this list, email Stef at and give her the name and contact information for your provider.

Grandstyle Website

Commercial website that has many products for people of size---books, videos, etc. Also has a number of articles by leading size-acceptance authors and many other features.

Maternity and Nursing Clothes Resource for size 14+ women, put together by the owners of the Grandstyle Website.

Infertility and Large Women

Excellent website with lots of FAQs and multiple links for infertility information and resources. Has an extensive section specifically on the concerns of large women and infertility. Owner also runs many of the large women and pregnancy mailing lists noted above.

Other Size Acceptance Websites


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