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This website is written and sponsored by Kmom, a childbirth educator and freelance writer who has read extensively about obesity, pregnancy, birth, and related topics in both the medical and lay literature.  This is not a commercial website; Kmom does not make money from this website and does not endorse any products mentioned herein. 

Kmom is not a doctor or midwife; this website does not offer any medical advice, and none should be inferred from it.  Please do not write and ask for medical advice.  The purpose of this website is simply to present further information for women to consider in their healthcare treatment and to help women pursue further investigations if they wish.  

It is important to remember that all health resources should be looked at with a critical eye.  As with any healthcare resource, the accuracy of the information on this website cannot be guaranteed.  The actions you take based on this or any other readings are always your own responsibility. Kmom assumes no liability.

This website presents both facts and opinions, although opinions do not imply medical advice. In particular, this website tries to present more than one point of view so that readers may see arguments for many sides of an issue. Kmom makes every effort to label opinions and personal experience as such, and also presents substantial references so that others may investigate further and make up their own minds. As with any health resource, Caveat Emptor.  Consult your healthcare provider, research, and then take responsibility for your own healthcare choices.

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